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BOBST Launches Digital Inspection Table for Flexible packaging solutions

BOBST has launched its pioneering Digital Inspection Table for use with its flexible packaging solutions following its success in the corrugated board and flexo post-print sectors.

The Digital Inspection Table is a novel technology designed to drive productivity and virtually remove print production errors. The first live demonstrations of the Digital Inspection Table with a CI flexo press occurred during the K 2019 show at an Open House event at BOBST’s Competence Center at Bobst Bielefeld, where attendees had the opportunity to see it in use with its latest CI flexo press innovation, the VISION CI.

“The reaction to the Digital Inspection Table at the Open House was incredible,” said Mark McInulty, Managing Director CI Flexo Printing. “The converters we spoke to could see the value of this solution, which helps them to transition from analogue to digital quality control processes for their packaging production, driving improved quality checks and validation. By applying the digital quality control functionality and capabilities the Digital Inspection Table offers, the risk of a costly production recall is significantly reduced.”

The Digital Inspection Table – which has been available in the corrugated board sectors for approximately 18 months – incorporates digital projection for proofing purposes, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match product with digital proofs. It uses HD projectors to illuminate the product sample with quality control imaging, enabling the operator to easily see if quality standards are matched or compromised. The results are summarized in a digital report that easily can be shared and distributed internally and externally, including with brand owners.

It is an award-winning innovation, having been named winner in the Best Inspection System category at the 2019 European Digital Press Association (EDP) Awards.

“The Digital Inspection Table provides peace of mind for converters but also it brings more than that – it brings improvements in knowledge and communication between converter and brand owner and can only help to increase levels of trust and confidence,” said Mark McInulty.

“The Digital Inspection Table’s reporting facility allows improved communication and analysis of quality control processes, and drives transparency of the production output for all parties. And let’s not forget the bottom line – ultimately it increases efficiency and reduces cost of operations. It is an innovation that shows once again that BOBST is at the forefront of technology and the synergies that can be derived from the innovations within the group will be fundamental to future success in the packaging world.”

The Digital Inspection Table offers a range of features, including automated quality reporting and performance management. These features are designed to provide a sophisticated methodical system, enabling and promoting higher quality production.

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