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Home Kilas Berita Taopix Announces New Version of its Photo Commerce Software
Taopix Announces New Version of its Photo Commerce Software

Taopix Announces New Version of its Photo Commerce Software

UK software developer, Taopix, has announced the pre-release availability of version 2017r2 to early adopters.

This latest version, scheduled for general release in late August, boasts a number of feature additions that are designed to improve the user experience and convert more sales.

There are a number of important changes planned for the Taopix Desktop Designer in 2017, the first of which have been included in this new version. The shopping cart has been completely redesigned which will help Taopix licensees to maximise sales by making it easier for customers to order multiple products in one transaction. Users of Taopix Desktop Designer will now also be able to view live pricing and customised disclaimers in the Designer window as well as in the product selector and shopping cart.

The Taopix Online Designer has also had a number of features added including a new Zoom tool for the Quick Designer and the ability for customers to rotate a picture independently of the picture box. Licensees can also link their logo in the Designer window to a specific web page which will give their customers an easy way back to their website to search for more products or information.

Taopix customers who wish to offer similar specification photo books with multiple page counts can now create one template and add different page count configurations by including settings in the product URL.

For those licensees wishing to virally grow sales via the Taopix ‘Send to a Friend’ feature, the shareable project preview has been updated to give a more realistic and interactive experience.

Taopix CEO, James Gray, comments “We’re excited to bring another new release to the market. As always, the features and enhancements that we deliver are determined by our customers and the markets they operate in. It’s important for us to concentrate on what ultimately makes our customers more successful which is why they play such an important role in our product roadmap. It works both ways; if they’re successful then we’re also successful.”

About Taopix:

Taopix Limited is a UK-based privately funded software development company established in 2007.

The company is solely involved in the development, sale and support of its innovative photobook and photo gift software platform, typically deployed by photo gift retailers, print service providers and photo finishing companies.

Taopix is distributed via a dedicated network consisting of its own global team and a worldwide reseller channel. Taopix HQ is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with offices in the USA, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

Strategic partnerships have also been established with leading digital print manufacturers, photo-centric solution providers and finishing equipment manufacturers to drive sales and promote awareness of Taopix worldwide.

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