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PRINT®19’s RED HOT Technology Vanguard Award Winners Announced


Chicago, IL  — The Association for Print Technologies announced the seven winners of its RED HOT Technologies Vanguard Awards on the eve of its PRINT®19 event (October 3-5, McCormick Place, Chicago). All seven winners, chosen by a juried panel of industry professionals, were selected from 41 products and solutions that will be exhibited at the show and based on their merits as game-changers in the industry. Six entrants received Breakthrough Awards, recognizing products that build on existing technology to significantly advance its use, and one entrant was selected for the Pioneer Award, given to a product that is the first of its kind or entirely new to the industry.

RED HOT Technology Vanguard Award Breakthrough Winners:

Company: BlueCrest

Product: Clarity Optimizer

Leveraging the Industrial Internet to ...

power its operational intelligence capabilities, Clarity Optimizer is a cloud-based offering that enables companies to effectively and securely leverage sensor data from connected systems to provide actionable insights into the way machines, jobs, and operators interact.  Clarity Optimizer provides complete transparency across print and mail operations to drive maximum efficiencies and cost savings. It captures insight and prepares a dashboard with key insights and trends including production efficiency, productivity, capacity, alarms and defects.

Company: CapStone Technologies

Product: AutoViri Software

Cloud-based AutoViri Software puts real-time information about job status and errors in the hands of employees at every level in every department of a print-to-mail business. This information can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, streamlining the work of production employees, management and leadership. The software can be used in any print-to-mail environment – automated, manual or anywhere in between.

Company: EFI

Product: EFI Fiery FreeForm Create

EFI Fiery FreeForm Create is a brand new, free, standalone variable data creation application based on existing Fiery FreeForm VDP technology. The concept of the legacy Fiery FreeForm technology centers on submitting separate master and variable documents through Fiery Command WorkStation or a Fiery driver. The Fiery server would process the master once, then that master could be mapped to each record in the variable document – a faster process than creating final merged files in applications such as Microsoft Word or Fiery InDesign.

Company: Koenig & Bauer

Product: AR DataGlass Remote Support system

Koenig and Bauer’s new Augmented Reality-DataGlass Remote Support system offers proactive innovative support ensuring that customers receive the maximum uptime and throughput in their facility and allowing them to remain ahead of their competitors for all web presses from Flexo to Digital Inkjet to Newspaper. This robust industrial data glass is equipped with an HD camera and a microphone which filters out background noise creating a direct audio-visual link between technicians and remote maintenance.

......... A complete report on the Labelexpo Europe 2019 event will soon be available in the Indonesia Print Media magazine 91st edition Nov-Dec 2019.



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