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Printed Electronics @ drupa 2012 Theme worlds in the drupa innovation park / a conference day in the drupa cube / a Highlights Tour

Printed electronics will soon revolutionise the production technology of many industries and at the same time serve the classic printing industry's standard printing processes. The topic is being addressed three times at the next drupa: with its own theme world in the drupa innovation park 2012, a conference day in the drupa cube and a Highlights Tour; added to this are the products and processes that approximately 30 exhibitors are presenting.

Cooperation partner of the theme is the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) in the VDMA.

The theme world Printed Electronics in the drupa innovation park in Hall 7.0 provides an all-encompassing overview of the state of the art technology. The focus is on both new printing processes and machinery as well as highly innovative products for these production processes. One thing becomes quite clear: This former experimental field has become a highly industrialised segment with huge market potential. Visitors to drupa can convince themselves of this not least at the Organic and Printed Electronics Association stand, which is presenting a wealth of exhibits; these provide an excellent overview of the different application areas for printed electronics. "We are showing a number of applications at drupa, which have resulted from collaboration with our international member companies: from interactive books, to intelligent packaging, to sensors and displays and flexible solar cells", says Dr. Klaus Hecker, Managing Director of OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) in VDMA. Interested firms also receive a comprehensive industry guide on printed electronics and a credit card sized energy self-sufficient torch, which includes a thin film battery, alongside a printed solar cell and circuit board.

A world premiere and numerous innovations

The printing machine on which these often tiny products are made is as big as the finished product is small: microFlex by 3D-Micromac from Chemnitz is eight metres long and a world first in its current design. A whole range of electronic functions can be printed on it, such as printed batteries, RFID labels, scrollable displays and flexible solar cells. Above all, it is the microflex's better performance (higher throughput figures at a lower price) that more than amply demonstrates the rate of development of printed electronics: prototypes that were once expensive are becoming progressively cheaper, bringing commercial opportunities within the grasp of a growing number of providers.

However, it is not only at the 3D Micromac stand that you can experience printing processes live. Coatema is also presenting a production plant for printed electronics with its Smartcoater production machine. This printing machine's five individual modules include the systems necessary to produce all the coats for an electronically printed product, meaning that no pre- or post-processing is required. The Altana Group (umbrella brand for Elantas, Eckart, Byk and Actega) is exhibiting their developments in functional ink, as is Novacentrix, which is also offering equipment for curing printed electronics products. Platingtech is in turn presenting printed textiles functions and a new printing plate for the screen printing of printed electronics. The Organic Electronics Saxony (OES) organisation is also represented. Three founding members of the OES received the German Future Award in 2011 for their developments in printed displays, printed lighting and printed photovoltaic. Ynvisible is exhibiting their latest developments in electrochromic displays. Finally, COLAE InnovationLab GmbH is presenting the work by their leading-edge cluster Forum Organic Electronics, whose members include 25 companies, universities and research institutes from the metropolitan region of Rhine-Neckar...

More reading in Indonesia Print Media magazine edition 46 May-June 2012.


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