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Home Pameran South Asia Roadshow of SinoCorrugated South 2018 Concluded Successfully
South Asia Roadshow of SinoCorrugated South 2018 Concluded Successfully

South Asia Roadshow of SinoCorrugated South 2018 Concluded Successfully

Introduction:2018 SinoCorrugated South Roadshow in South Asia concluded successfully on December 9th. Starting with the factory visit in Jakatar on December 4th, 2017 Indonesia Corrugated Industry Summit was grandly held the next day, which was followed by another round of factory visit in Surabaya on December 6th. Transferred to Yangon on the 4th day, 2017 Myanmar Corrugated Industry Summit was held on December 8th. After that, a 3rd round of factory visit in Yangon perfectly ended the roadshow. The 6-day tour gathered a large number of leaders, economists and technical experts from corrugated industry of China, Indonesia and Myanmar, attracted more than 200 local industrial representatives and about 30 well-known suppliers, and strongly promoted SinoCorrugated South 2018 which will be held from April 10-12, 2018.

Supported by over 200 industry representatives, including well-known suppliers like Fosber, BHS Corrugated


On December 5th and December 8th, 2017 Indonesia Corrugated Industry Summit and 2017 Myanmar Corrugated Industry Summit ended successfully. Organized by Reed Exhibitions and co-organized by PICCI and MCBA respectively, the summits attracted more than 150 local professional representatives from the carton industry and over 30 well-known international suppliers including Fosber and BHS Corrugated.

Visited six representative factories, tapping into the market of industry centralized areas in Indonesia and Myanmar

The roadshow lasted for 6 days. In order to deeply investigate the development of current local packaging and printing market in Indonesia and Myanmar, the participants visited 6 representative factories (Indah Kiat and MultiboxIndah in Djakarta on December 4th, SentralKemasindoTeguh and Supracor Sejahtera in Surabaya on December 6th, Star Bay Corrugated Carton Box and Deco-Land Group in Yangon on December 9th). Many trade agencies attended the Summit and the factory visits, which helped the participating suppliers, breaking the language barrier, to get a good knowledge about the condition of local factories and potential trade opportunities.

Numerous industry leaders and experts deliveredspeeches to analyze the industry outlook and explore development strategy

The Summit held on December 5th and December 8thgathered a large number of leaders, economists and technical experts from corrugated industry respectively in Indonesia and Myanmar. Mr. Alex Wang, the representative of Reed Exhibitions, addressed the welcome speech, extending gratitude to Mr. BudiawanTeguh, the chairman of PICCI and Mr. GaoChengquan, the representative of MCBA, as well as all the association members. He also pointed out that this was the second time for Reed Exhibitions to host the corrugated industry summit in Jakarta and Yangon, “I hope that the Indonesia Corrugated Industry Summit and Myanmar Corrugated Industry Summit, making full use of the powerful database resources and brand advantages of Reed Exhibitions,  bring together global industrial participants to exchange ideas on the current market of corrugated box manufacturing industry, analyze industry trends, explore market-coping strategies and achieve win-win collaborations.”

During the Jakarta summit, Industry KOL Mr. He Jian gave a keynote speech entitled The Present Situation and Prospect for China Paper and Carton Industry; Mr. Faisal H. Basri Batubara made a speech themed on Indonesia Current Economic Trends and Forecast, which helped participants seize new development opportunities in Asian and Indonesian markets. And at the Q&A session, audiences were very active to interact with the speakers. Fosber and BHS representatives launched a lively discussion on Industry 4.0 and Corrugated 4.0 & Digital Printing respectively. At the Yangon summit, Industry KOL Mr. Huang Chuangfu, shared the secret of waterborne printing with the theme of The Standardization & Quality Control of Waterborne Printing Technology, attempting to help participants break through the bottlenecks in the printing process and improve the production quality and efficiency.

Nearly 30 suppliers including Huizhou Degang Machinery, Guangzhou Xiaohua, Dongguan Run Li Hua, Tien Chin Yu Machinery, J.S. Machine, Dasong (RMM) and so on shared their new products, technologies and applications.

SinoCorrugated South 2018 will attract over 36,000 audiences at home and abroad

Ms. LaySee Chan, the representative of Reed Exhibitions, gave an introduction about SinoCorrugated South 2018. She pointed out “SinoCorrugated South 2018, SinoFoldingCarton 2018, SinoFlexoGrapphy  South 2018, China Packaging Container Expo 2018 and China Label Industry Expo 2018 will be concurrently held in Dongguan, Guangdong, in April 2018, which are expected to attract more than 36,000 professional audiences at home and abroad”. As one of the leading event organizers in the industry, Reed Exhibitions is boasting of incomparable and powerful brand influence. Apart from helping suppliers show their latest equipment and technologies comprehensively, Reed is confident in helping them to exploit new corrugated markets. After the successful conclusion of South Asia roadshow, SinoCorrugated team will continue its journey in Iran, where enjoys remarkable economic growth. Thus, let us harbor the feeling of excitement to welcome more international collaborations.

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