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Announcement of the Postponement & Relocation of WEPACK 2022

Dear Exhibitors and Industry Profession,

In consideration of the latest development of the pandemic in Shenzhen and other parts of China as well as the complex, recurred and severe prevention and control situations, in order to effectively safeguard the health and safety of all the participants, and in order to ensure the maximum participation benefits of the exhibitors and visitors, the organizer of WEPACK again makes the following hard decision:

WEPACK  2022 and its Sino...

Corrugated   South 2022 / SinoFoldingCarton   2022 / PACKCON  2022 / SinoPaper  South 2022 /    DPrint 2022/ FOOD PACK & TECH 2022 / Intralogistics  and Process Management  Expo 2022,which were originally scheduled to be held in Shenzhen World  Exhibition  & Convention  Center  (Bao'an  New Exhibition Hall)  from  September   27th to  29th, 2022, will  be  postponed   to April  6th_8th,2023 concurrently   with  WEPACK  2023 and  all  the  series  packaging  exhibitions  held  at Shanghai New International   Expo Center.

Thank you  for  your  long-term  care  and  support  for  WEPACK. We apologize  for the inconvenience caused by the exhibition postponement! The organizer will try best to provide with professional consultation and subsequent services in the following time

Another postponement is arranged for a better encounter in the future. Despite the postponement, we will keep in mind our great responsibility and mission for organizing exhibition in the past 20 years. We will continue to keep close contact with the industry suppliers, converters and industry profession, timely update the latest trends of the industry and the exhibition so as to present an efficient and high-quality exhibition in the year to come.

We will continue to overcome the pandemic together with our peers in the packaging industry. Your attention and expectation, undoutedly, serve as the greatest motivation and relief for us. We will shoulder the mission as the industry bridge, and keep working on the preparation for WEPACK 2023. We believe that after two year's waiting, WEPACK 2023 will live up to your expectations and create another glory.

With our firm commitment, let us meet in Shanghai next April. @ipm



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